DLSP & the IRFU Bring Touch Rugby to Kirwan Park

DLSP & the IRFU Bring Touch Rugby to Kirwan Park

(09 May 2017)


We are delighted to formally announce that in conjunction with the IRFU, that De La Salle Palmerston FC will now have its very own Touch Rugby Section!

What is Touch Rugby??????
Touch rugby is a fast paced non-contact version of rugby played by men and women of all ages.

Did you know…..
For many years club members have been playing a casual game of Touch or ‘tip’ rugby on Wednesday nights. Many coaches have also used variations of the game as a warm up drill.

And many of our members (of all ages) have lined out at both a competitive & social level including: Peter Ashe-Browne, Frank Ennis, Kevin Wyer, Brian Devitt, Scott Finlay, Brian Murray, David Beagon, Tania Rossier, Ciaran Dempsey and Bernie Dempsey, amongst others.

Unknown to many is that there is actually a set of rules for Touch and that the formal game is the fastest growing sport in the Southern hemisphere.

The success of Touch rugby is attributed to its strong social emphasis and appeal to the whole family being able to play it. Also it allows you develop the core ball handling skills in a physically safe environment, helping many to get a good understanding of the game and taking up Rugby Union.

In 2015 the IRFU started a summer Touch league and has been asking clubs to embrace the game to the fullest extent and we are delighted to announce our club has signed up for this!!

 Everyone of all ages and both sexes 
 Anyone who has played: Tag, Tip, Union or league or even a complete beginner to rugby of any type
 Youth players with the opportunity to improve their ball skills, agility, awareness of space, teamwork an on     field communication.

Every Wednesday in Kirwan Park – on the pitch at 8pm & finish at 9.15

If you are interested in finding out more then contact Peter Ashe-Browne directly on 087 9452049 or e mail info@dlspfc.ie and we will contact you to have a chat.

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