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Child Welfare

Rugby Connect Vetting Guide

 ROI 2023-2024:

Signed DLSP FC Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment Sept 2023:

De La Salle Palmerston F.C.









Paddy Gleeson

Phone: 087-926-9473



Club Welfare Team









Shane Grant                                                                                             Ciara Start 

Phone: 086 602 9420                                                                              Phone: 087 231 6254


Leinster Branch Safeguarding Officer


Stephen Gore:

E mail:

Phone: (086) 608 7943




IRFU Safeguarding Officer

Anne Marie Hughes:

E Mail:

Phone: (086) 048 5977



Visit or scan:




On the 21st October 2021 De La Salle Palmerston F.C. club committee adopted the following Child Safeguarding Statement 

DLSP IRFU Child Safeguarding Statement

Our child safeguarding statement has been developed in line with requirements of the IRFU and under the Children First Act 2015. In addition to the procedures listed in our risk assessment, the club adheres to the following procedures that are in place as part of the IRFU Safeguarding Policy and our intention to safeguard children:


All procedures listed are available on the IRFU website,


Codes of conduct for players

De La Salle Palmerston F.C. also promotes the following I.R.F.U. sponsored codes of conduct.

Code of Conduct – Mini Players

Code of Conduct – Youth Players

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