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Des Cunningham
Club President 2023/4


We are delighted to introduce our club President for season 2023/4, Des Cunningham. 

Des embarked on his rugby journey at Cobh Pirates, where he diligently honed his skills and developed a profound passion for the game. During his late teenage years, he ventured to London, where he spent a number of years playing and immersing himself in the rugby scene, garnering invaluable experience and knowledge. Presently, Des assumes the role of Head Coach for our boys 2008 group, who are set to compete at U16 level in the upcoming 2023/24 season. Additionally, he actively participates as a player in both The Vikings, our esteemed mixed ability team, and The Pandas.

Beyond his on-field engagements, Des contributes to rugby administration as a member of the Leinster Youth Committee and the Metro Mini-Youth Committee. Moreover, he serves as a competition coordinator for the Leinster School Youth competitions, ensuring their smooth operation and success.

Family holds a cherished place in Des's rugby journey, and he takes immense pride in his children's involvement in the sport. Lizzie and Donnachadh, his beloved daughter and son, actively participate in the girls U18 and boys U16 teams, respectively. Additionally, Des' wife Maeve played an instrumental role in establishing the girls' mini and youth team set up, and she is currently involved with the girls U18 team, underscoring the family's unwavering commitment to fostering rugby at all levels.

As the President of DLSP FC, Des nurtures a culture of unity, inclusiveness, diversity, and unwavering sportsmanship. Under his guidance, the club will continue to flourish, propelled by the collective passion and unwavering dedication of its members. With Des at the helm, DLSP FC is poised for a future brimming with an unbreakable camaraderie, an indomitable love for the game, and a steadfast commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for all its members.

Everyone at the club wishes Des all the best for his Presidency.

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