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Touch Rugby
What is Touch Rugby?

Touch is a massive sport in the southern hemisphere and is growing rapidly across Europe.  Similar in some respects to Tag, but where the ‘tackle’ is a simple touch instead of pulling a tag off shorts. There are only 6 players from each team on the pitch at any one time (with rolling substitutions like basketball); the player with the ball has the option to make the touch on the defender and as the rules do not permit play after the ball goes to ground, it promotes a faster and more tactical game. It's all about teamwork, communication and strategy.

It’s also a lot of fun, making it an ideal sport for both sexes of all ages and abilities.  At a social level it is mainly played as a mixed sport while at a competitive level it is age graded for fairness. 

How do I learn to play?

The best way to learn is to play the game.  The rules are few and quite simple.  We have ‘drop-in’ games every Wednesday night from 8.00pm to 9.30pm on the middle pitch.  Coaches are on hand every Wed to help people gain a quick understanding of the rules and tactics. 




Basic rules:

  • 6 players on the pitch at any one time

  • Players can substitute at any time (normally every 2 minutes).

  • A touch (tackle) can be made anywhere on the body or ball but must be made with minimal force.

  • Each team aims to score a try within 6 touches.  A change of possession occurs if there is no score after the 6th touch. 

  • After a touch is made, the entire defending team including the toucher must retreat a minimum of 7 metres before they can make another touch.  

  • When defending within 5 metres from their own score line, all defenders must move forward until a touch is made.

  • Ball to ground is a turnover of possession.

  • No kicking permitted (penalty).

  • No forward passes permitted (penalty).

  • No passing after being touched (penalty).

  • If the scrum-half is touched while in control of the ball, a change of possession occurs.

  • The Half can cross the score line but is not permitted to score.

  • The ball must be grounded on or over the score line for a try to be awarded.


We are looking for men and women, boys and girls who want to throw a rugby ball around in an inclusive and fun environment.   

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