Mini U7- U12

Mini U7- U12


Mini Rugby Programme  

Our Mini rugby programme will this year celebrate it's 43rd year and continues to grow. We are genuinely delighted to be able to offer a squad at every age group.  

Each group has an IRFU Certified Coaching team, Garda vetted coaches and a certified first aider, the training for each team is also age appropriate.  

We aim to gradually increase the players’ competencies with the emphasis on team participation and learning to take responsibility for their own actions.  

All squads participate in a variety of leagues and invitational events where the focus 
is on enjoyment and development in a non competitive environment.

New members, beginners, boys and girls are very welcome.

If you are thinking of bringing your child along to try rugby in our club you are very welcome. All you need is a Gum Shield!

In our experience we recommend that you bring them along to training for 2 weeks and see how they get on.

Hopefully they like it and want to join, then you can talk to your team's administrator regarding memberships, etc. 

Also we have a "BOOT BOX SCHEME", this is where boots that are grown out of are left into the club by families to be passed onto other children, always in excellent condition and sometimes nearly brand new.

SO DON'T BUY BOOTS WITH OUT CHECKING - every week boots are left in and taken, so check a few times. Also if you have boots that your children haven grown out of, please consider donating them for re-use. 

Again remember to check the boot box every week all during the season!

For details on all grades, please contact  and we will be happy to provide you with the training times and info for your group.

for training times, please see here : /new-members.1535.html

Rugby in St. Benildus

(09 Feb 2018)

The rise of rugby is continuing at pace in St Benildus. Last year the school fielded a junior team. This has grown exponentially to three teams (Senior, Junior & 1 st year) and close to 100 players this year.

Upcoming Events

(10 Sep 2017)

Upcoming Events

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